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Selfie time with Jealous Body

So…we’ve scrubbed a few times, started to really get to know each other, and you’re ready to show me to the world! Yep…it’s selfie time.

Some girlies are experts at selfies. The first time they see me, they take a selfie right at their front door before they open me up and get messy. Others, need to get to know me a bit before they show me off to the world...and that’s perfectly fine with me.

Now if I had to put an instruction list on how to get that perfect selfie with me, it would look something like this:

1. Get ready to get messy. Take off your clothes, take me to your shower/tub and don’t forget to have your phone nearby.
2. Get naked - you are good at this… depending on the photo you are planning to take, you might want to leave a piece or two on but you get the idea
3. Pick up your phone, and get ready for that pose. Hold me up, or put me beside you, however you like to show us off, and don’t forget to strike a pose (go for a look whether it’s a great smile, a sexy look or just something fun)
4. Take a few poses (some tell me they take as many as 20 to get it right!)
5. Rub me some more and take me off
6. Dry your smooth & silky skin off, and check the pictures- change or edit any of the lighting
7. Now you are ready to post, just don’t forget to tag me @jealous_body

Need some ideas? Here you go:

Us in the tub

Us in the pool

Just Us 2

Us in Black&White

Us matching

Us outside